New Client Registration

We treat our pets like kids too, so there’s a lot of info to exchange before joining our Pack! 
Please read the following information carefully and click the link at the bottom of the page to complete the New Client Forms.
Once you’re done there and shot records have been sent over, call or email your location to get booked!

Are your vaccines current?

Proof of current vaccinations (Rabies, DHLPP, and Bordetella) is required PRIOR to booking reservations for ANY of our services.
We also recommend having your pet vaccinated against canine influenza.
Vaccines must be administered by a licensed veterinarian.

Reservations cannot be booked until shot records are received.


We conduct our playgroup assessment and group integration for all new dogs as part of their first day of Daycare. Appointments are required for first-day visits so that our Supervisors can devote plenty of time to ensuring a successful integration into the appropriate group. We ask for first day dogs to spend a full day with us so as not to rush them into all the new sights and smells; at a minimum we like the dogs to be here from AT LEAST 8-2:30 (they’re welcome and encouraged to be with us longer, that’s just a minimum). Parents do not need to stay with the dog during the first day – you can drop off like you’ve been here a hundred times, and we’ll call you midday to let you know how things are going! Once registered, make sure you join our Hounds Hideaway Pet Parents GROUP on Facebook so you can see pics and video of the dogs throughout the day!

A minimum of one day of daycare is required prior to an overnight stay. This allows us to get to know your dog and vice versa before a sleepover! 


Additional Information

Boarding Reservations

All holiday weekends and most regular weekends DO sell out for boarding – please make your reservations as soon as possible. We require a minimum of one day attendance at doggie daycare prior to an overnight stay with us. Many dogs are nervous their first time, and that initial visit is great for getting some of the jitters out of the way before a long trip away from mom and dad.


Young puppies (age 9-16 weeks) are permitted to attend our Puppy Playschool program during the day, but are not eligible for overnight boarding until 16 weeks of age with full vaccines. Click here to learn more about Puppy Playschool. 

Peak Periods

Like most human hotels, policies and rates for boarding are different during the weeks surrounding holidays, spring break, and other designated peak boarding times. Spaces are booking up VERY early as people are itching to travel since Covid restrictions have begun being lifted. Visit the Peak Season page here for more info!

Spay & Neuter

For safety reasons, pets who have not been spayed or neutered by 8 months old are not permitted in playgroups and are not able to be accepted for boarding and daycare. Please contact us if you need a referral to a facility with an Individual Care program.

Senior Dogs

We do not accept clients 10 years of age for BOARDING. We love seniors that are able to come spend social days with us and enjoy our time with them! We find that dogs over this age typically have a very hard time being out of their home environment for overnight boarding, and the stress can lead to health issues on top of already weakened elderly immune systems. In-home sitters are preferred for senior dogs, or veterinary boarding for seniors who need medical care. Contact us if you need a referral!

Aggressive Dogs

Any dog found to show aggressive behavior toward dogs or humans will be removed from playgroups and may be subject to removal from the facility. If you suspect your dog may display questionable behavior or just aren’t sure how he’ll act around others, please call us to set up a daycare visit where we can assess his group suitability.

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