a Howl of a time in Jonesboro!


If you're here looking for daycare, please go ahead and complete the registration link at the top of the page, then contact us to be put on our new client list. Every dog in our community is important to us and we hope to get them in for play days as soon as possible! I so appreciate your support of our little business. - Lacey Vance, Head Human


Boarding Rates


includes all day play through 11am on pickup day, private room with raised bedding, photos in our private pet parents facebook group


includes all amenities of standard boarding, plus playroom webcam access, private bedtime story with photo album, and a daily text update from a manager.

SAVE 10% ON YOUR BOARDING TOTAL when your hound(s) attend daycare at least twice in the month  before their sleepover!

Click here to learn more about why we do this!

Holiday/Peak Boarding

No matter the holiday, we work our tails off caring for LOTS of pets!  We always sell out over holidays, so be sure to plan in advance.  Click here to visit the Peak Season Boarding page!


Daycare Rates

Booked 24+ hours in advance

Walk-In rates

Puppy Playschool

Doggie Day Spa

Call for rates and scheduling.
Grooming visits are scheduled by appointment, to ensure your pet gets our stylist’s undivided attention during the entire session. 

Your dog will have dedicated time to decompress between baths, brushings, and clippings. 
We believe in a relaxed, unhurried approach with plenty of rest, leaving your dog less stressed and feeling better at the end of the day.

Drop off before 9:00am and pick up after 2:30pm.

Bath & Brush-out

Starting at $28 – based on size, temperament, and condition of coat
Includes bath with your choice of shampoo, blow-dry, brush-out, nail trim, ear cleaning.

Touch-up Groom

Starting at $42 – based on size, temperament, and condition of coat
Includes bath, ear trim, face trim, feet trim, tail trim, and belly shave, plus nail trim and ear cleaning. 

Full Groom

Starting at $48 – based on size, temperament, coat, and desired styling
Like the Touch-Up Groom, plus full haircut and styling.

Doodle Groom

Starting at $65 – for toy, mini, and standard labradoodles and golden doodles, aussie doodles, bernedoodles, sheepadoodles double doodles, and other doodle breeds as determined by groomer. Based on size, temperament, coat, and desired styling.
Like the Touch-Up Groom, plus full haircut and styling.

Full Groom


See for yourself how much fun they're having.

Webcams are now available to our premium boarding customers!

You’ll be given a webcam access code at check-in that can be used below to view the play areas from 8:30-5:30 CST.

For the safety of our guests, webcams are password-protected.

Click the camera name below, then enter your access code to view.