Are your vaccinations current?

Remember, proof of current vaccinations (Rabies, DHLPP, and Bordetella) is required PRIOR to booking reservations for ANY of our services. We also recommend having your pet vaccinated against canine influenza (required in Rogers).

important policy updates

Unfortunately, we are no longer accepting boarding for dogs over 10 years of age. We have found that after being mostly at home back during Covid, our seniors going back into boarding are experiencing high stress and are not able to enjoy themselves as they did before. Change of any kind but especially change that takes these dogs outside their “normal” environment can cause stress to a degree that may bring on medical concerns that a veterinarian would be better to address. We do still accept daycare reservations for seniors and find that the short changes of scenery don’t cause the same prolonged stress of a boarding stay. Please contact your location with any questions. 

SUMMER BOARDING SEASON IS HERE! Parents are responsible for the information on our Peak Season Boarding page if you book an overnight stay during peak times (which includes all dates Memorial Day to Labor Day). You can think of it just like renting a beach house for a week during the summer – they fill up fast and changes need to be made early to avoid penalties.