Check in anytime on arrival day and start the playing early – it’s included!

All day play is included in all boarding stays on all days and until 11am on departure day.
Pickups after 11am will incur a $15 daycare charge.
All medication administration is included. 

SAVE 10% ON YOUR BOARDING TOTAL when your dogs attend daycare at least twice in the prior month!

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Holiday + Peak Times

No matter the holiday, we work our tails off caring for LOTS of pets!  Policies are different for peak seasons and holidays.
Review the peak season boarding policies here.





Half days are offered Monday through Friday from 6:30am-12:30pm. We do NOT have afternoon half days for the safety of the dogs. Our morning arrivals’ energy level falls as the day goes on, and a hype dog coming in for the afternoon can be a challenge for the rest of the group to adapt to.


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Call for more detailed rates and scheduling. 

Book an individual session or add services onto your daycare & boarding stays!

Bath & Brush-out

Starting at $28 – based on size, temperament, and condition of coat
Includes bath with your choice of shampoo, blow-dry, brush-out, nail trim, ear cleaning.

Deshedding Treatments

Starting at $45 – based on size, temperament, and condition of coat
Doesn’t stop shedding, but gets rid of all the “dead” fur and excess undercoat you normally find on your living room floor!
Includes bath with deshedding shampoo, coat conditioning with deshedding conditioner, two rounds of drying with forced air dryers, and three rounds of brushing with deshedding tools, as well as nail trim and ear cleaning.

Full Grooming

Starting at $49 – based on size, breed, temperament, and condition of coat
Includes bath, blow-dry, brush, full haircut/style, nail trim, ear cleaning, and eye cleaning

DIY Dog Wash

Roll up your sleeves and give it a go!

Includes your choice of shampoo, conditioner, brushes, scrubbers, ear/eye cleaner, toothbrush, towels, high-velocity dryer, after-bath spray, apron, and nail clippers.

Appointments are not needed, but feel free to call ahead.

Open during all our lobby hours.

Last bath taken 30 minutes before closing.

$12 per dog


See for yourself how much fun they're having!

For parents who add on webcam access, you’ll be given a password at check-in that can
be used below to view the play areas from 8:30-5:30 CST.

Click the camera name below, then enter your access code to view. PLEASE NOTE that camera viewing times out after 2 minutes to be respectful of limited bandwidth. If you are still watching after 2 minutes and you see a grey screen, hit refresh and it will come back.