It's all about the puppies!

Besides being cute, puppies are all kinds of special – and need special care! For working parents, leaving new baby puppy in his crate all day can be stressful for both of you. Let us take care of the new arrival, and benefit from the added bonus of continued training and early socialization!

Puppy Playschool Requirements

Minimum age:  9 weeks
Veterinary care: TWO rounds of boosters and negative fecal exam

Puppy Playschool Phase 1

9-12 Weeks Old

The newbies are supervised 100% of the time they are at HH, even during naps.

They alternate between nap and play throughout the day, since they get so tired so easily, and get at least 4 outside potty breaks.

During naps, puppies stay in crates, as most parents are at the beginning stages of crate training during this time. Puppies get their best rest when they are in a quiet place without other dogs, and crate training at home also helps them to feel safe in their own “den.” Parents must be actively crate training in order for their puppy to enroll in Puppy Playschool. 

Puppy play happens in a small indoor space off our lobby. It is very important that the puppies’ exposure to other dogs is very controlled – they’ll meet other baby puppies and approved dogs (their tiny immune systems aren’t ready for full playgroup yet) and may visit our Mellows playgroups in short bits of time.

Socialization with other young ones will help put your puppy on the right path for amazing behavior as he grows up! 

Puppy Playschool Phase 2

12-16 Weeks Old

At this age, the little ones get to visit the smallest of our three daily playgroups, where they’ll get wider exposure to other dogs while still in a controlled environment.

Dogs in this playgroup are typically senior dogs or daycare dogs that are low-energy and prefer a lower-stimulation environment, so they’re great fits for young puppies who are still learning how to communicate. Socialization is crazy critical at this stage!

Naps and playtime are still rotated more frequently than regular daycare to help accommodate the puppy’s need for shorter play intervals, and more frequent outdoor potty breaks are offered.

Puppy Playschool Phase 3

16 Weeks to 8 Months

Puppies are able to go into regular playgroup (and participate at the regular daycare rates) provided they meet the requirements and enjoy group play.

Little ones are still continuously evaluated to ensure their play experiences are 100% positive. Interaction at this age will stay with them throughout their lives!