2018 was a big year for HH, our third full year of operation. Our first year was just figuring out what on earth we were doing, the second was perfecting it, and this third year has felt like the one where we actually had time to think about more than just the essentials. 2018 was all about the inside in Conway, with the completion of a $100k remodel in April that gave us better flooring, more space, and bigger indoor playrooms.

2019 is going to be more about the outside! It’s a year’s worth of projects so don’t get too rushed, but on tap are more obstacles and play things for the 2.0 yard, where we’ve learned that the dogs like to be up on top of things so they can oversee us human minions! Look for things that offer gentle inclines and shallow steps to be joint-friendly for our older dogs who normally frequent that group. For Littles the word of the year is turf. In December we added $7000 of turf to that yard and it’s STILL not even halfway done. Dog proof products are SO. FREAKIN. EXPENSIVE! The Littles group has proven to remain a very active group though and the added turf will be easier on their joints and paws. In Bigs…oh bigs. Every time we fix something, some goon digs a new hole a foot deep. BUT first on the agenda will be some added concrete to address areas that seem to get muddy over and over, followed by a deck around the giant tree (the dogs love to dig mud holes around the tree’s huge roots). Hoping we can slide some more turf in there too…we shall see! I know you guys want a splash pad. So do I. They’re so stupid expensive. I honestly think we’d have to crowd-fund it in order to make it happen. Nuts!

That’s what’s on my mind for the upcoming year in Conway. While you mull that over, here are a couple of policy changes that will also be put in place on 1/1. Nothing too crazy (I hope).

  1. Facebook Reservations // This year we’ll be pushing parents to the online reservation link when they post on the facebook group asking for dogs to come to daycare or stay overnight. It’s 2019. I get that facebook is easy but we want to make sure the content in the group is relevant to everyone. We LOVE the posts asking other parents for advice, the Hideawasted pics, and all the other fun stuff! Let’s keep the waters clear of the “hey Fluffy won’t be at daycare tomorrow but can he come next Tuesday and Thursday…” Just email us or text the pack phone! We will probably respond faster there anyway. The email is [email protected] and the pack phone is 501-548-5628.

  2. Checks // They’re leaving. We aren’t taking them. Bury them with your cassette tapes and your old Walkman.

  3. Holiday Deposits // In 2018 you parents got sly. A ton of you booked up dates on every major holiday just so you’d have them, then cancelled a few days prior when you didn’t end up needing them, and you got your 50 bucks back. We normally have a wait list so that’s okay, except we learned that three days before a holiday, everyone has made other plans and the wait lists became pointless. So the deposits are going from $50 to 50% of the total estimated cost based on the dates reserved; refundable if cancelled two weeks prior to drop off. I realize that sounds a little harsh given that we are talking about dogs, but even the crappiest nastiest kennels sell out on holidays so the whole industry is becoming a bit more like the human hotels and VRBO’s of the world with their cancellation policies. We appreciate you guys only reserving dates you actually need.

What else would you like to see at HH? What can we do better this year? We want to know! Comment or email me, [email protected]. Thank you for being part of our pack!