DIY Dog Wash

DIY-Dogwash-wPretty darn self-explanatory. You do the washing yourself, and we provide our spectacular equipment and products. No more bending over the side of your bathtub while holding an 80-pound Lab with one hand and scrubbing through massive piles of ever-shedding fur with the other, only to have said hair fill up the tub drain after one wash. Leave the mess with us and enjoy your fabulously fresh Fido! Only one dog is allowed in the DIY wash room at a time, so your pup will be free from distraction while you work your magic. Retriever parents, rejoice!

Appointments aren’t required but we do recommend calling ahead. We take our last DIY one hour before closing, and there is a one-hour time limit per dog. The DIY wash is big enough to accommodate giant dogs and also includes a tub ramp so you don’t have to hoist your Great Dane over the side of it.

DIY Dog Wash // $12 per dog
Includes your choice of shampoo, conditioner, brushes, scrubbers, ear/eye cleaner, toothbrush, towels, high-velocity dryer, after-bath spray, apron, and nail clippers.


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