Pet Boutique

Why yes, your dog DOES need a collar for every holiday.

The Boutique is simply a collection of really cool stuff we use in our own homes, with our own pets. If they don’t love it, you won’t find it here. If we sell it, it’s because we feel absolutely compelled to share its pawsomeness with you. We’re a small business, so we’re passionate about products made with the same entrepreneurial spirit and passion we bring to pet care. And, anytime it’s possible, we show love to local producers and producers who source their ingredients locally.


These are some of the companies we support and products we carry. Come back and visit though, because the list is always growing!
Fromm Family Foods – pick your favorite food and consider THIS to be your dog’s equivalent. It’s just the best.
Mendota Slip Leads – paws down, the only leash we use, approve, and endorse. You’ll see them worn throughout our facility like an accessory – they’re part of the uniform!
Aroma Paws – all-natural, chemical-free pampering products that smell like heaven!
Kurgo – our favorite active lifestyle brand!
Chicken Crack – from right here in Conway! Staff dog and customer dogs’ favorite treat ever!


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