How do I make a reservation?
First-time clients need to complete registration forms (click here to do them online!) Once forms are received, you can call us at 501-358-6598, email hi@houndshideaway.com, or you can even send us a message on Facebook to start a reservation. Fair warning though – we treat pets like kids, so we’re going to ask you for a good bit of information before your pet comes to stay or play with us.

What happens if my dog gets sick or injured while at Hounds’ Hideaway?
Our human Pack Leaders are trained in Pet First Aid and CPR from the American Red Cross. In any event of illness or injury, we will make every attempt to contact you or your assigned emergency contact. If neither can be reached, HH will assume the role and seek veterinary attention. In this case, all veterinary costs incurred will be the responsibility of the owner.



Are reservations required?
Yes. We know things sometimes come up last minute and we will always do our best to accommodate if you give us a heads up. 

How far in advance should I book my reservation?
Holiday reservations should be booked as soon as your travel dates are confirmed. Most boarding facilities sell-out for every major holiday, and we are typically full 3-4 weeks before the holiday approaches. Non-peak travel dates can typically be accommodated with just a few days’ notice. 

What is required for my dog to stay at Hounds’ Hideaway?
All dogs must be up to date on vaccinations for Rabies (1 or 3 year), Bordetella (every 6 months), and DHLPP. If your dog is nearing his due date for vaccines, please remember that Bordetella vaccines must be given at least 48 hours before arriving at Hounds’ Hideaway.
If you would like your dog to participate in group play (daycare) while boarding, the following requirements also apply:
– puppies must be at least 16 weeks old (must have had 3 rounds of vaccination and a negative fecal test)
– dogs must be spayed or neutered by age 8 months
– must be on flea/tick prevention and be flea-free upon arrival

What do I need to bring?
Your dog will have a much better stay with us if he has a few comforts of home with him. Specifically, his tummy will be much happier if he eats his normal food, so we ask that you bring food from home. We do offer premium house kibble made by Fromm for $3 per day if requested. You can also bring a tshirt or something from home (small blanket, towel) that smells like you. This will help your pet feel more relaxed. Please do not bring dog beds, as we provide a raised bedding in each suite. We prefer that you don’t bring toys, because the dogs tend to take them out of their rooms to share with their friends, which means you may never see that fluffy porcupine again. Finally, please bring any medicines your pet may need – we administer medication at no charge. 

Where will my dog sleep?
Naps and goodnights happen in one of our private suites. They’re designed to be large enough for your dog to get up and move around or eat his meals, but small enough that it feels like a cozy den. Doors are tempered glass, so pups can still see everything going on and don’t feel “caged.”


What will my dog do during the day?
Provided your dog meets the requirements for Daycare, your dog will participate in all the off-leash playtime fun, and it’s all included! Wakeup call is at 6am, and daycare lasts until 6:30pm. Our boarders get a morning break for breakfast in their rooms, two one-hour “quiet time” breaks during the day, and boarders have dinner in their rooms at 6:30pm. Everyone gets a bedtime potty break at 9pm, and lights-out is at 9:30pm. Learn more in the Daycare FAQ below.

Can I call to check on my dog during his stay?

Of course!! If you’re an iPhone or iPad user, take advantage of the evening Tuck In Service for $5 that includes a FaceTime chat with parents – the perfect way to say goodnight. We also believe pictures are worth a thousand wags, so we post them daily on our Facebook and instagram. You can also text our Pack Phone at 501-548-5628 for updates. If that’s not enough, you can call as often as you like, or join our private Hounds’ Hideaway Pet Parents Group on Facebook.

What if my adult dog is not spayed or neutered?
For safety reasons, unaltered dogs over 8 months old are not permitted in group play. If your vet recommends that your pet remain intact for health reasons (up to a certain age), we will do our best to accommodate you. For all other unaltered adult pets, a $20 per night Hormonal Hound Fee will be applied, no exceptions. Hounds’ was designed to allow dogs to take advantage of their pack instincts and social nature, and we think it kind of sucks for the intact dog to have to sit in his room and watch all the other dogs play. Unaltered dogs receive 4 half-hour individual playtimes per day. 

What if my dog is really old, cranky, or has a health condition?
Every pet’s age and any health conditions or advisories are noted on his chart, and staff are informed of dogs who may need extra breaks, medicines, or who aren’t playful like their young counterparts. Oftentimes older pets do enjoy the company of others, and prefer watching them from a comfy cot on the sidelines. 

What times can I pick up and drop off?
Your dog will have a better start to his vacation if he is dropped off in the morning. This allows for ample social time and activity, which will help him eat and rest better. Boarding drop-offs are accepted Monday to Friday 6:30am-11am, Saturday 8am-11am, and Sunday 10am-12pm. Checkout time for boarding is 11am, but late pickup can be arranged for a half-day of daycare fee ($11 per dog). Boarding pickups are accepted Monday to Friday 6:30am-11:00am and 2:30-6:30pm, Saturday 8am-11am and 1:30-5pm, and Sunday 10am-12pm and 3pm-5pm. Pickups and drop-offs are not accepted outside these hours.


Are reservations required?
Only for your dog’s first visit (see next question about getting started). Once your dog is an established client, you can bring him in for daycare without a reservation.

How do I get my dog started in daycare?
Click here to complete our registration forms online! From there, you’re ready to schedule your dog’s first day of daycare with us. On their first day, we ask that you drop your dog off with us between 6:30 and 9am, and pick up between 2:30 and 6:30, so we have plenty of time to integrate him into playgroups at whatever pace he’s comfortable with. Profiles require one-on-one time with our human Pack Leaders, so reservations are required. New furry clients are accepted Monday through Thursday and spots are limited on each day to ensure your dog and his Pack Leader are not rushed in their introductions to all the new activity. We’ll spend time getting to know your dog, and will introduce him to our own pack dogs slowly throughout the day. Based on his play style and interactions with dogs, he’ll be integrated into playgroups that are most compatible with what he prefers. Keep in mind that dogs who show signs of aggression toward people or other guests will not be approved to participate in group play.

What are the requirements for participating in dog daycare?
All dogs must be up to date on vaccinations for Rabies (1 or 3 year), Bordetella (every 6 months), and DHLPP. If your dog is nearing his due date for vaccines, please remember that Bordetella vaccines must be given at least 48 hours before arriving at Hounds’ Hideaway.
The following are also required for dog daycare participants:
– puppies must be at least 16 weeks old* (and have at least 3 rounds of boosters and a negative fecal exam)
– *puppies age 8-16 weeks can participate in Puppy Playschool – click here for details.
– dogs must be spayed or neutered by age 8 months
– must be on flea/tick prevention and be flea-free upon arrival

I just got a puppy. When can he start daycare?
Congrats! Call us to make arrangements. We offer a modified Puppy Program for little ones that are not quite old enough or ready to participate in regular daycare. Socialization is critical for your young puppy, and daycare is THE best way to start him off on the right paw!

What is the policy for half days?
Due to the setup of our playgroups and lobby hours, half days are required to fall either during our morning hours (6:30a-11:30a) or our afternoon hours (2:30-6:30p).

Do I need to bring food for my dog?
No. If your dog has a specific diet that requires him to eat more often or is a very young puppy, you may bring food from home and we are happy to feed your dog midday if requested.

Why is my dog so tired after he comes to daycare?
Rest easy, this is totally normal. Starting dog daycare is like asking a human couch potato to hop up and run a 5k! Dogs at home are used to sleeping most of the day, but in daycare it’s all about mental and physical exercise. That said, if we notice that your dog seems to be overly tired during the day, he’ll get a nice nap break in a private suite to help him catch up.
You’ll probably also notice your dog drinks a lot of water after a play day. The pups always have access to as much water as they like, but they play a lot during daycare and may still need to rehydrate more than usual.

Are the dogs supervised when they play in groups?
Yes. Constantly. By a highly-trained-human.

What are the pickup and drop-off hours for daycare?
Monday through Friday 6:30am-11:30am and 2:30pm-6:30pm, and Saturday 8am-5pm.  The blacked out periods are set aside for the dogs’ nap time and human shift changes, and NO pickups and drop offs are allowed during these times. There is no daycare on Sundays, but we are open from 10-12 and 3-5 for boarding pick up and drop-offs.

Are there any risks I need to be aware of before letting my dog play in dog daycare?
Yep. Most of the time, they are things that have nothing to do with us humans. A few examples:
> Dogs playing together may nicely get carried away but still be poked or cut by a long nail or an accidental bite.
> A playful puppy may get too far into another dog’s personal space, causing the older dog to snap back out of reaction (not aggression).
> A pair of dogs might play chase and jump off a platform or toy and sprain an ankle.

All of these situations are normal and no one is really at fault, even the dogs. We absolutely monitor the dogs very closely and they are in happy harmony most of the time, but they are still dogs, and we can’t fully understand every single thing about them. Additionally, much like children starting human school for the first time, a new dog starting daycare may not be immune to all the colds and bugs the other kids at school have already dealt with and gotten over. Although it is not common, it is possible for dogs who have never been to a dog park or other off-leash playgroup setting to develop things like kennel cough during their first few visits. As a parent bringing a dog into an off-leash group facility, you must accept and share in these risks.


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